Why Us

The Wik ® was founded in 1952 by the Tatge family in the heart of Kansas cattle country.  The company grew into a well-respected company with many livestock and farm related products.  The company changed ownership twice before F&S Enterprises, LLC owned by Cary and Lynn Fox purchased it in late 2014.  At the time of this acquisition the company only focused on Automatic Self Treating insecticide applicators.  The company sold their products primarily in the Northeastern states of USA.

Cary and Lynn have 30+ years of experience in manufacturing, and have also farmed.  They plan to improve and expand the product line.  The product was already the most durable, long lasting product of its kind and the new F&S Wik has already changed to a durable powder coat finish and plan to offer new items in 2016. 

This product has proven to increase yearly revenue significantly.  It combines a scratcher with a self -treating applicator.